Authors I.M. Pershin, G.E. Veselov, M.I. Pershin
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 556.3
Abstract Considered the application of the theory of analysis and synthesis of distributed systems for communication and information processing. In contrast to known communication systems, introduces an additional orthogonal basis, using its own vector-functions of the operator object (spatial modes), with which the spatial modulation of the useful signal. Summing all the signals from the output of the spatial modulation unit, obtain field information, which is supplied to the transmitting device. From the output of the receiving device, the information field (the discrete analogue) to the input of the spatial filter formed their spatial scanner and spatial filters. Spatial scanner is used to determine the parameters of the spatial filters. Spatial filters allow you to select from a field of information specified spatial modes (railway information transmission). The recovery of the modulated signal is carried out by known methods. The purpose of the considered work – the description of mathematical model and research of characteristics of the modified one-dimensional spatial scanner and the filter on the basis of which the scheme of transfer and processing of the distributed information is developed. The proposed scheme of transfer and processing of information has the following properties: the transmitted signal is not available for direct extraction (extraction requires special equipment, implements the operation of the spatial filter); on the same carrier frequency can be transferred to many useful signals (work multiple sources information, in this example, ten). This is achieved through the implementation of the spatial modulation, forming the backbone transmission of information; each line can carry a set of useful information, using multiple carrier frequencies (as it is now on the radio).

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Keywords Distributed scanner; distributed filter; the system of information processing.
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