Authors S.I. Kolesnikova
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 62-529; 004-021; 004.896
Abstract The purpose of a article is to spread the classical method of analytical design of aggregated regulators (ACAR) in case of non-linear multidimensional object defined as a system of ordinary differential equations, not all right-hand sides have a complete description. Such objects (for LA Rastrigin) are called complex or difficult to formalize. The algorithm of synthesis of control system compensates incompleteness of description due to the special purpose manifold and sharing of dignities of the classic above-mentioned methods. It is shown that the presented algorithm is further development of ideology of synthesis of guaranteeing regulator on the basis of well-known method of ACAR; a private condition at that this algorithm of synthesis of control system for the decision of task of stabilizing of dynamic object in uncertainty grows into the algorithm of synthesis of guaranteeing regulator is determined. Approbation of algorithm is carried out on objects with the different applied setting. Control system is built on a parameter for the extended model of Verhulst-Pearl (unstable and chaotic at the defined values of parameters), applied in the design of dynamics of height of capital in an economy and design of balance between a public and private ownership of capital. Numeral comparison of quality of two control system is conducted: on the basis of the algorithm and synthesis of guaranteeing regulator before built on the base of classic algorithm presented in the article for an object airplane-amphibian. Robustness and stability of built control system is set to the off-design terms as the additive smoothed out random noise. Knowledge link of the indicated algorithm of synthesis of control system is shown with the fuzzy algorithm of synthesis of regulator for multidimensional nonlinear objects with incomplete description. Research paper performances can be actual in control system by a multidimensional nonlinear object with incomplete description.

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Keywords Nonlinear multidimensional object; nonlinear control; incomplete information about an object.
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