Authors A.N. Popov, N.A. Zelenina
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 681.51
Abstract The decision of the majority of tasks, assigned to satellites, can`t be performed without implementation of an orbital maneuvering. The orbital maneuvering is any purposeful change of an orbit of a satellite. Pulse maneuvers, involving the creation of instant thrust vector using thrusters at certain points of the orbit motion of the satellite, received the most widely advancement. The pulse approach has several limitations: the dependence of optimality of flight from the radius and the angle of inclination of the final orbit, the need to carryout maneuvering in points of the orbit, where the satellite speed is minimal, for optimum fuel consumption, and others. The application of the principles and methods of synergetic control theory for the synthesis of control algorithms of satellites that provide implementation of desired orbital maneuvers is considered in this article. The procedures of the synergistic synthesis for the case of preservation the plane of the initial orbit (coplanar maneuvering) and for the case of transition from the initial orbital plane to another plane (spatial maneuvering) are represented. Parameters of the desired orbit (radius, eccentricity and rotation angles of the orbital plane relative to the equatorial plane) are defined as the corresponding invariants of motion of a closed system, which in turn are part of the structure formed during the synthesis procedure of attracting invariant manifolds. The invariants of Keplerare used as invariants of motion of satellites that lets to say about the conformity of the developed algorithms with the natural physical laws. The carried out computer modeling fully confirms the theoretical conclusions. The proposed algorithms provide asymptotically stability of the process of the orbital maneuvering and are deprived of known deficiencies of the impulse maneuvering.

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Keywords Artificial earth satellite; orbital maneuvering; synergetic synthesis; motion invariants.
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