Authors A.A. Kolesnikov
Month, Year 05, 2015 @en
Index UDC 681.5
Abstract On the basis of the synergetic approach in the article we present the new method of analytical design of aggregated regulators of oscillations – ADARO, which is a further development of the well-known ADAR method of synergetic control theory. The essential characteristics of the ADARO method, in our opinion, are: firstly, the use of control laws in the form of energy or first integrals of system motion in the design procedure; secondly, the use of new, as compared with the ADAR method, invariant relations for problems of control law design of nonlinear oscillations with given amplitude and frequency. According to the synergetic control theory, the ADARO method is based on the concept of harmonious unity of technological processes of self-organization and control. On the basis of this concept can be synthesized the generalized law of energy-efficient control of oscillatory and vibrational modes of nonlinear objects of different nature: the creation of a new class of unified generators of nonlinear oscillations – when creating a new class of aerospace motion control systems – while creating a new class of vibromechanic systems – when creating a new class of energy-efficient systems of various mobile units control – the creation of a new class of energy-efficient control systems for complex nonlinear objects possessing chaotic dynamics, etc. The proposed ADARO method has significant advantages over the prior art methods of the theory of nonlinear oscillations. The developed ADARO method has been applied to design of the modern theory of nonlinear oscillations, and the design of a new class of oscillating and vibrating systems of different applications. Thus, the proposed new method of the synthesis of self-organizing nonlinear oscillatory systems of different nature is based on the use of a desired energy as a target attractors of synthesized systems. Such approach provides as generalization of the known results of the classical theory of nonlinear oscillations, as well as to develop new methods of energy-efficient control of a extensive class of complex dynamic objects of various areas of science and technology.

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Keywords Synthesis; system; nonlinear oscillations; energy invariants; energy-efficient control laws.
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