Authors S.N. Nikolsky, I.F. Surgenko
Month, Year 07, 2015 @en
Index UDC 519.711.3
Abstract The research of process of structural analysis takes the important place in the modern theory of computerized information systems. As a result we have the technologies of structural analysis, which represent the detail of the modeling process at a conceptual level, from the software life cycle models. In particular, these include ARIS, UML, BpML, and other technologies that use object - and process-oriented approaches. It becomes clear that the technology of structural analysis is determined by a set of concepts in terms of which the object model of automation, i.e., ontology, taken by the developer. A necessary requirement of the ontology is its universality, under- stood as the highest possible independence from the type of automation object that provides the breadth of application of appropriate technology of structural analysis. The concept of system forms a universal ontology, in which the values of the calling form "system" is detailed in the Genral and mathematical systems theory, system analysis and operations research. The development of technology of structural analysis associated with a system-oriented approach, presented in the form of SysML that is more suited to the goals of systems engineering. The purpose of this paper is to study the possibility of using metaontology "object" to build metaontology "dynamic system of objects". The main objective is to construct a structural model of a dynamic system of objects. The paper shows that the structural model of the dynamic system of objects can be constructed on base of the metamodels of natural metaontology and the principle of ontological reduction.

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Keywords Ontological approach; structural modeling; systems engineering structural type system; the state space of objects; dynamic system of objects.
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