Authors S.E. Abramkin, S.E. Dushin
Month, Year 07, 2015 @en
Index UDC 681.51.011
Abstract The purpose is to work out a dynamic mathematical models of controlled processes of absorption dehydration of natural gas. On the basis of researches of the flow circulating in the apparatus, there was produced a conceptual model of heat and mass transfer processes in the complex technological systems "absorption-desorption" performed as a control object, characterized by interconnection of heterogeneous physical processes, structure and reasonable choice of input, internal, measured and controlled variables. On the basis of the conceptual model there were developed and studied mathematical models of controlled mass transfer processes in the packing type absorber and heat transfer processes in the evaporator and air cooler. The models are characterized by reasonable assumptions, initial and boundary conditions, the spatial distribution of values and taking into account the functional dependence of the velocity of the gaseous phase of the external and internal disturbing factors that can adequately manage the processes of change in the conditions of these factors. The multi-mode control of simulated processes is presented. The concept of multi-mode control for the process of gas dewatering is based on providing different modes of operation by connecting a subregulatory in accordance with the current dynamic situation. Based on the information received, the multi-mode regulator according to the current technological mode generates the desired control signal. The practical importance of the developed mathematical models of controlled mass and heat transfer processes of absorption dehydration of natural gas is the ability to explain and predict the behavior of complex technological systems used for the complex gas preparation at various modes of operation. The use of multi-mode control maintains a specified gas quality in a wide range of pressures, temperatures and flow rates.

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Keywords Absorption; desorption; mass exchange; heat exchange; mathematical model; controlled process; multi-mode control; Big Data.
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