Authors A.A. Kolesnikov, E.S. Kreerenko, O.S. Dinchari
Month, Year 07, 2015 @en
Index UDC 681.51
Abstract Main task of modern aerospace industry is delivery of heavy vehicles to the orbit. The preferred and economical is launching spacecraft from the spaceports near the equator. Basing on experience, the launch of carrier rocket from floating platform «Marine launch» might constitute a serious threat to World’s ocean in case of faulty launch. Launching spacecraft by aerospace system of air start near equator which based on super-heavy amphibious aircraft is more referenced from economical point of view. Aerospace system consists of launch aircraft, upper-stage rocket and spaceplane. The new approach to synthesis of control laws of aviation-airspace system based on nonlinear dynamics procedures is considered in the given paper. There is used the synergetic method of analytical designing of aggregated regulators (ADAR) to synthesize the basic control laws. In accordance with the object view there are solved following tasks: synthesize control laws, which providing lift of lunch aircraft at predetermined altitude and desirable airspeed; upper-stage rocket separating from launch aircraft; reaching hypervelocity acceleration. The task is implemented in software «Maple». While computer modeling control laws provides asymptotic stability of closed nonlinear system and achievement of predetermined technologic invariant.

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Keywords Aerospace system; synthesis of control laws; invariant manifold; functional equation.
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