Authors S.V. Kravtsov
Month, Year 08, 2015 @en
Index UDC 621.398
Abstract Effective sensory systems of autonomous mobile robots, aimed at studying the properties of the environment are the onboard digital stereo vision system. The efficiency of onboard digital stereo vision systems due to the high information content of the signal of video cameras, which makes it possible to produce a detailed study of the scene in the visible, ultraviolet or infrared, to carry out the necessary measurements. The object of research is the analysis of methods for improving the accuracy of coordinate measurement systems onboard digital stereo vision of autonomous mobile robot acting on an unknown stage, due to the smoothing filter. Analyzed collinear digital stereo vision system of the two cameras of the same type with identical internal parameters. Smoothing filtering coordinate measurements carried out by the classical Kalman filter algorithm. The problems of stability and convergence filtration results, as well as methods for their support. To ensure stability and reproducibility of the measurement filter model of evolution (extrapolation) state of the system should provide unbiased forecast calculations. Unbiasedness forecast calculations is achieved by stabilizing the digital stereo vision system on board the mobile platform and support a sufficient number of features of the scene. It was found that the application of the procedures of the smoothing filter can significantly improve the accuracy of coordinate measurement systems onboard digital stereo vision. The results of the model calculations. Digital systems are self-contained stereo vision measuring systems, providing precision optical odometry through effective filtration coordinate measurement data without the use of any other board or external sensors. The research results can be used to build an autonomous system of local navigation and positioning based on mobile robot vision systems.

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Keywords Digital stereo vision system; Kalman filter; accuracy; local navigation; autonomous mobile robot.
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