Authors A.V. Pomazanov, S.S. Shibaev, D.P. Volik
Month, Year 08, 2015 @en
Index UDC 621.396.677
Abstract In the article description of phased arrays element control prototype with use of technology of radiosignals transfer through optic fibers is given. This prototype has been made and researched in laboratory of "Nanophotonics and optoelectronics" of Southern federal university. Currency of fiberoptic communication lines use for multielement antenna systems control is explainedwith large amount of information transfer necessity at big distances when control places are quite remote from emitting elements. As a result SHF transfer lines are worse than radiooptic ones by many parameters between witch are: informational capacity, attenuation, noise protection, mass, weight and cost. Developed prototype consists of two modules, connected with two single mode fiberoptic cables with communication between them in frequency range 1400..2400 MHz of both harmonic synchronous continuous signals, and modulated with antenna modules control signals ones. The control of working modes and of two emitting modules managing system functionality is provided with personal computers (PC). One PC was connected to transmitter, another one – to receiver. At receiver PC the phase detector quadrature channels amplitude codes are transferred and on the base of them phase shift calculation was carried out. As a result, error of through channel phase shift setting in whole frequency range did not exceed ±5 degrees. And as analysis showed, basic phase error sources are pari passu both phase shifters and control systems, so this error may be counted somewhat overrated.

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Keywords Radiooptic communication line; radiolocation; phased arrays; emitter; phase shift; quadrature detector; phase shifter.
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