Authors V.A. Smirnov, V.I. Avilov, L.R. Saubanova, M.S. Solodovnik, V.V. Polyakova, O.G. Tsukanova, S.Yu. Krasnoborodko
Month, Year 09, 2015 @en
Index UDC 621.38-022.532
Abstract The development of electronic device technology is related to the application of nanotechnology methods, which make it possible to decrease sizes, to increase the density of structures of active cells of integrated chips on a crystal and to decrease the power consumed. Among a wide spectrum of methods of nanodimensional profiling of the surface based on probe nanolithography, one of the most promising for positioning and localization of self-organizing semiconductor nanostructures (SSN) growth is the local anodic oxidation (LAO), the use of which provides a high spatial resolution, the possibility of profiling the surface of the substrate without any additional operations associated with the deposition of a photoresist, and high reproducibility at minimum disturbances in the structural perfection of the epitaxial layer The results of studies of the effect of technological modes of local anodic oxidation on the formation of oxide nanostructures (ONS) on the surface of epitaxial structures (ES) of gallium arsenide. The influence of the amplitude and duration of the voltage pulses applied to the tip-substrate system and the oscillation amplitude of the cantilever on the geometrical parameters of the gallium arsenide ONS. The influence of the modes of LAO on the geometrical parameters profiled nanostructures (PNS) obtained on the surface of ES GaAs after etching of ONS formed by LAO. It has been established that the increase of the amplitude and pulse width of the applied voltage in the LAO leads to an increase height, depth and diameter of profiled and oxide nanostructures on the ES surface of gallium arsenide. It has been shown that increasing the vibration amplitude of the cantilever leads to a decrease in depth and a diameter of PNS. Thus, it is shown that local anodic oxidation is a promising method of nanolithography, the use of which allows us to profile the substrate surface with a nanometer resolution. The results may be used in developing technological processes for fabricating the element base of nanoelectronics.

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Keywords Nanolithography; local anodic oxidation; atomic force microscopy; oxide nanostructures; gallium arsenide.
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