Authors A.O. Kucherik, S.V. Kutrovskaya, A.V. Osipov, A.V. Istratov, A.Y. Shagurina, A.V. Podlesnyi
Month, Year 09, 2015 @en
Index UDC 544.537
Abstract In this research the degree of influence of the morphology (particle diameter of the colloid, the distance between the deposited particles, the number of layers etc.) on the optical and electrical properties of the deposited thin film of bimetallic clusters was studied. For the formation of a quasi-periodically spaced clusters the method of deposition of particles of colloidal system was used, allowing the nanoparticles to precipitate out of the colloids by local heating and phenomena anomalous diffusion of particles near the surface. The optical properties of the deposited bimetallic films was shown and modeling of optical phenomena observed using the FDTD method. The calculated transmission spectra match qualitatively with the experimental data. There is a complex change of the transmission spectrum in the 380–430 nm, 520–600 nm, with the formation of local extremum. Whose presence can be explained by the distance between the particles on the optical properties of the film. The discrepancy in the numerical values can be attributed to the estimated feature geometry: in the model problem particles lie strictly on each other (because of the need to use a computational grid) and with accurately determine the distance between the particles in a single layer.

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Keywords Nanoparticles; colloidal solution; transmission spectrum; laser treatment; transparencies films.
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