Authors A.V. Bykov
Month, Year 09, 2015 @en
Index UDC 629.052.7
Abstract The goal of the work is development of a model of microcantilever and obtaining the dependences of cantilever geometrical parameters influence its sensitivity. The results can be used to optimize the microcantilevers design for atomic force microscopes with optical registration system. This paper presents results of microcantilever modeling using finite element. The design of the polycrystalline silicon microcantilever was offered. It consists of the beam fixed on the one hand, a thickness of 2 µm, a width of 30 µm and a length of 95 µm. The probe with height of 15 µm, base radius 2 µm, and anapex radius 35 nm is located on the free side edge of the cantilever. The model takes into account a non-rectangular shape of the free edge of the cantilever that is formed during the probe fabrication. The thickness and width of the beam, the dimensions of the probe, material parameters were fixed. The results of the simulation of the cantilever length and the pressing force on the deflection and eigen frequencies were shown. The length and applied force varied from 60 to 300 µm and 0,05 to 1 µN, respectively. The dependence of the deflection on the applied force 0,05–1 µN at the fixed length of 95 µm, on the length of 60–120 µm at the fixed force of 50 nH, and the dependences of the first three eigen frequencies on the cantilever length were obtained. The results obtained in the work will allow to develop recommendations for the design of a microcantilever structure with high sensitivity.

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Keywords Nanosystems; cantilever; beam deflection; monocrystalline silicon; polycrystalline silicon; atomic force microscopy.
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