Authors A.E. Kolodenkova, V.V. Korobkin, A.P. Kuharenko
Month, Year 10, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.054; 519.81
Abstract Discusses key concepts used in the simulation formation of the requirements to creation information and control systems (IСS) of mechatronic systems. It is noted that the formation of the requirements for the creation of IСS mechatronic systems is a difficult task, a quality solution that provides a framework and process control design ensures that after the completion of the system will fully meet the needs of the customer. Presented and described generalized scheme of the formation requirements for co-building IСS, allowing to see the relationship of each sub-steps (identification of the requirements, analysis of requirements, documentation requirements, validation of requirements and approval) of the process, and the impact environment on this process, which is especially important in the pre-trials. For the simulation of the formation of the requirements under uncertainty is proposed to use fuzzy time Petri net. To reduce the risks, fuss-penitent in the initial stages of the project life cycle to create IСS, held multi-criteria assessment of its feasibility. However, such an assessment is complicated by the presence of a large number criteria for defining the technical, financial, economic and commercial indicators developed by the project to create ICS. In connection with this problem of multi-criteria assessment of its feasibility of the project to date is relevant. Analysis of different approaches to the construction of models of multi-criteria evaluation of alternatives of projects under uncertainty showed that the parameters of the models often are interval values, which is associated with the use of methods of parametric identification of models with which you can often identify only the range of permissible values of parameters and with the existing range of opinions at receiving parameter values from the project executors. Where the source data for the establishment of ICS are not clear, it is proposed to apply the method of multi-criteria decision-making, based on the definition of the relationship between policies and their subsequent ranking under interval uncertainty.

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Keywords Information management systems; fuzzy Petri nets; fuzzy basic data; design alternatives reality estimation
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