Authors M.V. Bobyr, V.S. Titov
Month, Year 10, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.896; 681.518.
Abstract A method to control a mobile robot in the labyrinth using soft computering is presented in the paper. The method is unique because soft arithmetic is used in the structure of fuzzy inference. A soft neuro-fuzzy algorithm of the mobile robot control consists of eight steps described. The paper describes a schemes of the mobile robot and two operating regimes. The mobile robot moves along the line if it operates according to the first regime. It is able to find a way out of the labyrinth if it operates according to the second regime. The robot uses ultrasonic and laser sensors for distance calculating. Moreover, special programmer code which helps to calculate the distance is given. A pulse-width modulation is applied to control motors of mobile robots. An electric schema a pulse-width modulation to control the motors is illustrated. Root mean square error defines accuracy of the mentioned above soft neuro-fuzzy algorithm to control a mobile robot. Working ability of the presented soft neuro-fuzzy algorithm is proved by imitation modeling. The present soft algorithm is compared both to the regression model and the hard fuzzy inference. The obtained results clearly show that the author"s method is much better than the other ones. It is possible to minimize RMSE if the sigmoidal membership function, which describes an output parameter of the fuzzy system, is changed. Some additional experiments given in the paper show efficiency of the method to control mobile robot.

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Keywords Fuzzy logic; soft computing; RMSE; mobile robot; neuro-fuzzy algorithm.
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