Authors Yu.A. Ghelozhe, P.P. Klimenko, A.V. Maksimov
Month, Year 11, 2015 @en
Index UDC 621.316.726.078
Abstract For forming and signal processing systems are widely used phase locked loop systems (PLL). Range-quartz frequency stabilization is performed by digital frequency synthesizer constructed with the PLL used programmable frequency divider. In modern devices for generating reference sine waves is usually required to obtain a low level (less than 100 ... .120 dB) non- harmonic spectral components of discrete, localized near the carrier. These side components are due to fluctuations of the control voltage pulse-phase discriminator (IFD) a phase-locked loop system (PLL), operating in the time sampling mode. The lowpass filters of high orders are include at a PLL circuit for suppressing these spectral components. At the same time there are problems with the sustainability of the PLL in the "small" and the "big". To ensure stability in the "small" has been selected a certain interval between the cutoff frequency of the entire system bandwidth, and a low pass filter of high order. To ensure stability in the "big" method was used for absolute stability, according to which it is necessary to open the hodograph of the frequency response of the system did not cross the critical circle. The results of the simulation performed for the nonlinear phase-locked loop with pulse-phase discriminator such as "sample-remembering" with the static phase characteristic linear in the range (-π, +π), with the property of self-organization, as well as for non-linear phase-locked frequency with frequency-phase discriminator with a linear dependence of the current control within the phase detuning ± 2π, which exhibit a several advantages with PLL pulse-phase discriminator such as "sample - remembering".

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Keywords Phase-locked loop; holding range; capture range; pulse-phase discriminator; frequency-phase discriminator; transient process; stability.
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