Authors S.V. Makov, D.V. Timofeev, D.Yu. Chernyshov
Month, Year 11, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.71
Abstract The target of current studying is increasing of memory using efficiency for designing the associative lookup MAC-tables. These tables are used in network bridges and switches for traffic filtering. In the paper author discusses efficiency criteria of tables design methods. As criteria of efficiency was taken following: the amount of memory needed to allocate of the filtering table and the hash collision probability. In the paper is formulized a mathematical problem of determining of filtering table overflow probability based on algorithm of convenient way of the collision resolving. According the conditions of collision author formulize the combinatory problem. The solution of this problem allows determinate expression to compute collision probability for hash-table with convenient way of collision resolving by method of blocks. We propose method of filtering table design “without storing the address”. This method allows dramatically decrees the memory amount for table allocation. To comparison of efficiency of convenient and proposed methods we determinate the conditions of collision in hash-table designed by proposed method. Using these conditions we come up to expression that allows to determinate the collision probability of proposed hash-table design. We compared the overflow probability for proposed and convenient methods on similar conditions of using. We gave the recommendation for their usage. In result we found that for proposed method the overflow probability is more than 10 times lower in comparison with well-known method.

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Keywords Lookup table; hash table; hash collision; network bridge; network switch.
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