Authors A.S. Grishchenko
Month, Year 11, 2015 @en
Index UDC 004.62
Abstract The paper reviewed the work on assessing the performance of existing data manipulation procedures in structure-independent databases. The main problem of them called the low efficiency of procedures. The reasons for this low performance could be called structure-independent database two-tier structure, converting at data input / output from the horizontal to the vertical view and back, as well as more of the operations of insertion. The paper deals with the reasons affecting their performance. We consider optimization approach to the problem of low efficiency of data manipulation procedures in structure-independent databases but its use makes difficult in a flexible configurable information systems, therefore, requires the development of a methodological basis. The objective of this research is the development of requirements for the method allows building effective data manipulation procedures in structure-independent databases. The structure of the process of creating existing data manipulation procedures in databases is given and an overview of existing creating methods is produced. To ensure uniformity of the process are required the use the identical form of representation for the purpose, the result and process of procedure creating in the form of action. The conclusion is that they are constructed empirically and construction process is inhomogeneous now, whereby the relevance of developing a method for constructing data manipulation procedures increases. The result is requirements for the method of creating existing data manipulation procedures in structure-independent databases that made during the research.

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Keywords Structure-independent database; data manipulation procedure; performance; efficiency; review; research.
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