Authors S.A. Sinutin, A.A. Gorbunov, E.B. Gorbunova
Month, Year 01, 2016 @en
Index UDC 681.5
Abstract The article describes special features of elliptical wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control. This kind of UAV occupies a niche between traditional airplane configuration and multicopter type of UAV. The elliptical wing UAVs achieve better energy efficiency compared to multicopters and lets to obtain lower minimal airspeed in comparison with traditional airplane configuration. At the same time the specificities of controlling actions and disturbance torques generating lead to the necessity of adaptive amount of controls changing depending on flying speed and actual angle of attack of the UAV. Analytical research method and SFD-modelling are too complicated and do not provide results of the satisfactory accuracy to a mathematical model and laws of control forming. As a suitable resolve we suggested to apply the black box method. In order to investigate the control laws and to construct the mathematical model of the scrutinizing aerial vehicle using the black box method a bank of scaled-down flying models with variety of configurations were produced and tested. We also developed the two versions of a special airborne recorder, containing a microcontroller, sensors and a SD-card for the flight test data saving. To interpret and process collected data we use specially developed Matlab script, which also lets to evaluate the interrelation between the controlling action and UAV"s attitude changing. The paper presents examples of data obtained from the sensors; the results of data filtering to decrease noise term of accelerometer signal. Based on accelerometer and angular rate sensor data in conjunction with a complementary filter the determination of the aircraft angular position relative to the control actions is demonstrated. Verification of data interpretation was carried out by using time synchronization of appropriate data plots and the UAV flight video. Distinguishing characteristics of the researching UAV control are outlined.

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Keywords Unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV); elliptic wing; energy efficiency; the black box method; control system; flight tests.
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