Authors V.N. Evdokimenkov, M.N. Krasilshchikov, G.G. Sebrjakov
Month, Year 01, 2016 @en
Index UDC 629.7.01
Abstract The paper contains description of intellectual control system both architecture and algorithms applying to shock & intelligence groups of unmanned flying vehicles (UAV). The system mentioned unites on-board and out-board components. The main attention is paid to development of out-board component algorithms, based on advanced approaches, which depend on various groups operation scenarios, data exchange requirements as well as on specific features of formal scheduling procedures. Nowadays the following approaches are considered as most useful for pre-flight group mission scheduling: mathematical programming, Petri networks, Voronoi’s diagram and Delanay triangulation. The paper presents original author’s results, in particular, specific method of pre-flight mission scheduling, which updates known ones, based on Delanay triangulation. Besides, paper also presents algorithms of both tactical situations recognition and decision making, which are implemented as on-board system component. These algorithms include two groups, namely: 1) algorithms, based on artificial intellect; 2) algorithms, based on mathematical models and optimization procedures. The last group of algorithms is presented more detailed in paper. The example such algorithm utilization considers unmanned vehicle group flight control algorithm, based on traditional PID-regulator.

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Keywords Unmanned flight vehicle; intellectual control system; mission planning algorithms; tactical situation recognizing algorithms.
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