Authors Yu.V. Matvienko, A.V. Inzartsev, L.V. Kiselev, A.F. Shcherbatyuk
Month, Year 01, 2016 @en
Index UDC 629.127
Abstract It is noted that further development of opportunities to increase the efficiency of use of modern Autonomous underwater robots based on the solution of several new problems, among which are highlighted: "intellectualization" of the functional properties of underwater robots; methodological and technical support to precision underwater navigation; certification of funds vehicle management, navigation and search. Intellectualization of the ANP implies the ability of the control system to perform the functions of the analysis of scenes and the overall situation, orienteering, collecting and accumulating a variety of information about the environment to increase his survivability in case of hazardous or emergency situations, work in groups, rational solutions of practical problems associated with the transfer of several functions necessary for data processing on Board an AUV. For the realization of rational behavior developed and used a hybrid information management system (MIS), which is based on the three-tier model of appropriate behavior. Feature of the architecture is the use of behavioral (reactive) control structures (layered structures with absorption) at Executive and tactical levels. Marked the modern approach to solving the navigation task, which involves the task of local navigation to ensure the maneuvering of the robot, its safe navigation, performance of the missions near the end and bottom of the obstacles and precision maneuvering at a given point or area of the underwater space, and the task of global navigation determining current geographical coordinates of the robot on the Board and display the current location of the robot on Board providing a vessel. The proposals to create a specialized site for testing and certification of the systems of underwater robots to obtain objective information about the parameters and characteristics of the robot and its systems.

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Keywords Autonomous underwater robots, intelligent robot control, the technology of underwater search and investigation works, underwater navigation is a specialized polygon for certification robots.
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