Authors S.A. Matyunin
Month, Year 01, 2016 @en
Index UDC 681.2.084, 681.518.3
Abstract Fiber-optic system based on bending fiber-optic sensors of angular displacements. Considers the theoretical principles of used effects, experimental characteristics of the sensing element, and the principle of the mutual influence compensation for closely-spaced measurement channels. Correlation between the period of polarization beating in optical fiber and its deformation magnitude are observed. The algorithm of the positional characteristics linearization for the sensing element, the technical characteristics of experimental samples are given. Algorithms usage of the mutual influence compensation and positional characteristic linearization for sensitive element reduced the non-linearity of positional characteristics down to 1 % and reduce the mutual influence of measurement channels down to minus 20 dB, this is confirmed by experimental studies of the prototype systems. The evaluation of the system performance taking into account the computational capabilities of the electronic transceiver are carried out. The experimental results showed that the sensing elements even without the special temperature correction methods have a high stability. Their reduced temperature coefficient does not exceed 0,08 %/°C. The technical features of sensing element and electronic transceiver prototypes of fiber-optic system are given.

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Keywords Fiber-optic measurement system for angular movements of phalanges of anthropomorphic robot hands; the mutual influence compensation for sensing elements of different measurement channels; the algorithm of the positional characteristics linearization; temperature stability; positional characteristics hysteresis; the relationship between the period of polarization beating in optical fiber and its deformation magnitude; the structure of an electronic transceiver.
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