Authors A.V. Vazaev, V.P. Noskov, I.V. Rubtsov, S.G. Tsarichenko
Month, Year 02, 2016 @en
Index UDC 007:621.865.8
Abstract Due to current remote controlled mobile robotic systems principal shortcomings caused by communication channel further development of mobile robotics is connected with autonomous control system utilization. One of the most important problems for autonomous robot control system is generating environment model based on on-board sensors that is accurate enough for planning future movement and behavior and for providing robot navigation. Model construction for industrial environments can be done by using only geometrical data, but rough terrain may contain passable obstacles and impassable flat areas. In this paper using of combined computer vision system data including mutually calibrated LiDAR sensor, color camera and thermovision camera images is proposed. Such a sensor combination provides geometrical environment model with color and thermal information, which provides more accurate and simple solution of object recognition and working area classification tasks not only by geometrical parameters, but also by ground passability criterions. Mathematical tool for ground type classification (by the example of four ground types: vegetation, asphalt, sand, gravel) and object detection (by the example of water surface and naked flame) is provided. Created software efforts is provided in: image segmentation for vegetation and asphalt detection; detection in case of improper single sensor operation or in case of distinct sensors’ fields of view; water surface and naked flame detection on combined image from computer vision system. Full-scale experiment results given in this paper admit to make a conclusion that using of combined color-thermal-distance images allows to significantly expand range of tasks that can be solved by computer vision system and to increase solving efficiency.

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Keywords Mobile robot; autonomous control system; combined computer vision system; environment model; recognition; classification.
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