Authors E.E. Blokhin, A.S. Pashchenko
Month, Year 02, 2016 @en
Index UDC 621.383.525
Abstract By ion beam epitaxy heterostructures obtained with an array of InAs quantum dots prisoners barrier layers GaAs (samples of type I) and AlGaAs (samples of type II). The thickness of barrier layers is not greater than 30 nm. It is shown that the method allows to obtain quantum dots with lateral dimensions up to 50 nm. at a height of 10 nm. Got a lot of quantum dot density of 109 cm-2. The photoluminescence studies showed major peaks for conversion of quantum dots in the range 1.1 eV (1150 nm) for the samples of the first type barrier GaAs and 1.15 eV (1050 nm) for the samples of the second-type AlGaAs barrier. These areas correspond to the near-infrared. Peak major transitions in structures with barrier AlGaAs shifted to shorter wavelengths of 50-100 nm, and has a greater intensity. Also, samples of the second type of a shift of the peak of the wetting layer to shorter wavelengths. The width of the main peak of both types of samples was about 0.2–0.25 eV, which is probably due to the dispersion of the size of the quantum dots. Dark current-voltage characteristics of the structures showed the density of the dark current of the order of 10-6 A/cm2 (for the samples of the first type) at a temperature of 90 K. For the samples of the second type is similar magnitude was 10-7 A/cm2 at the same temperature. There was asymmetry of the curves of the dark current at the positive and negative bias. For both types of samples was observed degradation of performance with increasing temperature. With an increase in the working temperature to room temperature, the dark current density ranged from 10-1 A/cm2 to 10-2 A/cm2.

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Keywords Infrared photodetector; quantum dot; photoluminescence; dark current.
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