Authors S.M. Sokolov, A.A. Boguslavsky
Month, Year 02, 2016 @en
Index UDC 681.518.3: 629.058: 629.053
Abstract In work process of working out and configuration of mobile means information support systems with the raised degree of autonomy and completely autonomous is analyzed. Modern lines in creation of similar systems are considered, examples from world and domestic experience of working out are resulted. For increase of efficiency of creation of mobile means intellectual autopilots processes it is offered to enter similar systems configurations space into consideration. Space axes are: hardware/sensor, functioning environment models and algorithmic maintenance. Points of this space are «assemblage points» concrete applied systems of information support as a part of control systems of mobile means. The configuration space allows spreading out structurally process of information support systems creation to components, qualitatively and quantitatively by means of conformity matrixes to estimate possible variants of concrete system configuration. Recommendations are made and decisions on components on each configuration space axes are offered. Formation bases of "a coordination cube» hardware-software information support systems configurations as a part of intellectual control systems of mobile means are put. In approaches to efficiency increase, both the process of creation, and resultants of systems accents become on use as the information systems basis of multipurpose real time vision system and hardware-software unification of offered decisions. On hardware components configurations a real time vision system in detail understand. Construction of models of an external world representation is offered to be based on the interpreting navigation concept. In algorithmic maintenance association differently levels processing algorithms is offered to be realized on the basis of large-scale patterns and unification of program realizations. Examples of author"s use of the described approaches and decisions are resulted.

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Keywords Autonomous vehicles; information support system; real time vision system; software pattern; interpreting navigation; configuration space.
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