Authors A.M. Pilipenko
Month, Year 03, 2016 @en
Index UDC 621.373+681.518
Abstract In the paper different types of hybrid frequency synthesizers based on the application of direct digital synthesis and phase-locked loop are considered. The relevance of the hybrid frequency synthesizers research that are used for frequency and phase synchronization of wireless communication systems can be explained by that these synthesizers have the advantages of direct digital synthesizers (high frequency resolution and high speed) and phase-locked loop synthesizers (wide frequency range and low level side of the spectrum components). The aim of this work consists in justification of the optimal parameters of hybrid frequency synthesizers for providing high operating speed and low spurious spectrum components in wireless communication systems. The main objectives of the work: description of hybrid frequency synthesizers’ model; simulation of frequency characteristics and time responses in synthesizers with different types of filters. The paper presents operating speed estimation of hybrid frequency synthesizers both at standard conditions and for large disturbances. It is shown that by using in frequency synthesizer the second or third order loop filter instead of the first-order filter it is possible to increase the operating speed of synthesizer in 2–3 times at preservation of the same level of spurious spectral components attenuation. On the other hand the application of the second or third order filters allows to provide the attenuation level of spurious spectral components approximately equal to 85...90 dB at the same settling time of the predetermined frequency as for the system with the first order filter. The results of this paper are obtained by the example of the frequency synthesizer designed for the communication systems of the DECT standard that operating in the range 1880...1900 MHz, but this results are also valid for the fourth-generation communication systems (4G), which can use similar frequency ranges according to the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union.

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Keywords Frequency synthesizers; simulation; operating speed; time responses; communication systems
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