Authors G.V. Prokofiev, K.N. Bolshakov, V.G. Stakhin, A.A. Obednin
Month, Year 03, 2016 @en
Index UDC 621.317.49
Abstract This article gives an overview of the signal processing chip developed with sine-cosine encoders with high resolution. Work was carried out to ensure that the domestic chip hardware de- velopers to replace the existing drive imported analogues. The chip provides a signal processing with different position sensors such as magnetoresistors, Hall elements, sine-cosine transformers rotary, linear differential transformers, complete sine-cosine encoders, sensor systems based on optical elements. The chip provides a resolution conversion to 16 bits per one period of the input signal at a conversion rate of 500 ns. To ensure the permanence time conversion angle code in not depending on the decimation factor in the developed system uses a harmonic signal interpolation after thinning the filter-decimator. To pair with a transformer sensor chip includes an embedded programmable synthesizer sinusoidal primary winding excitation signal based on direct digital synthesis unit and a quadrature demodulation signal with the secondary windings of the sensor. The article describes the architecture, given the technical characteristics and the results of simulation of circuits. The analysis of converters making angle code and justified choice of architecture developed chip-based digital servo drive. It is shown that the characteristics of developed chip surpasses existing commercially available domestic and foreign counterparts. Simulation results based conversion tracking error transducer applied to the input signal amplitude. Discloses the use of disparity compensation algorithms of the phase shift and the amplitudes of the input signals. It shows a simulation result of their work. It is shown that the use of algorithms allow to correct misalignment of the input sine-cosine signals in amplitude and phase shift for the minimum conversion errors. Limits given the temperature dependence of voltage offset correction circuit input signals on an integrated temperature sensor readings. For developed converter conversion accuracy is achieved in the 0,017 degrees at a current consumption of 48 mA and a conversion time of 500 ns. It is shown that the use of interpolation ADC samples in order to increase the sample rate does not affect the conversion tracking error transducer.

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Keywords Encoder ASIC; position sensor; rotary encoder; resolvers; angle sensor
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