Authors I.L. Fedichkin, E.O. Popov, R.V. Tukaltsev, P.A. Romanov, S.V. Filippov, A.G. Kolosko
Month, Year 04, 2016 @en
Index UDC 53.082.79
Abstract In the recent work, the realization of the new method using upgraded mass spectrometric complex MKM-1 designed for testing the reliability of the rejection process of products of microelectronics industry was proposed. The internal structure and operation of the complex are described. A number of innovative technical solutions has significantly expanded capabilities conducted on it researches. A new ion source with controlled energy of ionization (10 to 150 eV), which facilitates the identification of volatiles products in the measuring chamber by suppressing fragmentation peaks in the mass spectrum was developed. It is proved that the use of such a source in conjunction with a dual-chamber design of the system increases the accuracy of measurements compared to conventional spot measurement. The automatic system for opening the IC protective package allowing research of IC with different package space volume was created. The system with controlled heating of IC to determine the moisture content and concentration of active radicals dependence from the temperature inside the products in a wide range: from 20°C to 800°C was integrated in MKM-1. Using the modernized complex MKM-1 measurements were made to address a number of important applications: the products of a number of companies in microelectronics and aerospace industries, made with different processes, were analyzed, assess the quality of raw materials and optimized the conditions necessary for the encapsulation of chips was carried out. In particular, it was determined the composition of gases and vapors in under package space of a few types of chips produced by "Svetlana - Semiconductors" company. It was revealed that the chip array packages without heat treatment and vacuum drying results in an increased moisture content in the empty packages. Also, outgassing studies with the adhesive sample TPK-2, developed by the Ltd "Composite" have been conducted at temperatures of 150°C and 270°C. The data comparing the properties of domestic adhesive TPK-2 and several adhesives, produced by foreign manufacturers. For Ltd "Corporation Cometa" high-molecular substances, form the basis of contamination of surfaces electro-optical devices were defined and were identified.

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Keywords Mass spectrometer; measurements of the water vapor content; space technologies; package space of ICs.
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