Authors I.V. Loshkarev, Y.M. Demyanenko
Month, Year 04, 2016 @en
Index UDC 004.93
Abstract Contactless monitoring systems are one of the most prominent areas of research in video monitoring and computer vision. The need for monitoring occurs in situations of monotonous activities, when errors can lead to catastrophic consequences. The paper touches upon the problem of determining the position of a person in the video in order to extract characteristics that define human condition. A review of modern methods of search and tracking area of the face in the photo and video is given. It is shown that most of the methods have drawbacks that do not allow their application in real-time. Paper introduces an approach to solving the problem in real time, based on the processing of each frame of video using the generalized Hough transform. This transform is based upon an edge data which allows it to avoid some of the disadvantages of reviewed methods. Iterative application of transformation and gradual refinement of template allows to save the position of the face between frames and not to lose it when face changes angle. The experimental results show that the combined approach in 60% of cases successfully detects an object lost by the standard method of Viola-Jones.

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Keywords Computer vision; video tracking; Hough transform; contactless monitoring
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