Authors V.A. Obukhovets
Month, Year 05, 2016 @en
Index UDC 621.396.67
Abstract The process of beam scanning in phased antenna arrays is investigating. The main difficulty in array designing procedure is the prediction of so called “blind scan angles”. At this angles the input voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is increasing rapidly and the phased antenna array operation is violated. Several options of array structural improvements which allow to expand array scanning sector are described in known literature. The paper is devoted to the flat wave-guide array scanning characteristics to investigation. Numerical experiments of the ways of increasing scanning sector are considered. Computer model of the studied array is based on the infinite periodic lattice of rectangular waveguides with a dielectric cover, inlays in waveguides and metal ribs. The effect of thickness and dielectric parameters of a single and multi-layer covers as well as the sizes of the metal "ribs", which are the extension of the waveguide walls, are discussed. It is shown that to ensure the expansion of the sector scanning in the H- plane is much more difficult than in E-plane. To do this, it is advisable to use a multi-layer dielectric cover with optimally matched parameters of materials. Increasing the number of cover layers allows not only to expand the scan angle sector, but also to provide minimal SWR throughout a range of angles. Along with the use of dielectric plates it is investigated the use of metal ribs system representing a continuation of waveguide walls in the H-plane or in the E-plane. It is shown that the selection of edges heights can substantially improve the characteristics of the scanning grating.

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Keywords Phased antenna array; scanning; rectangular waveguide; dielectric cover; metal ribs; matching; scanning angles sector
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