Authors D.V. Semenikhina, N.N. Gorbatenko
Month, Year 05, 2016 @en
Index UDC 621.371
Abstract A nonlinear loads, disposed on the surface of perfectly conducted cylinder, provide a small field intensity at higher harmonics, so that nonlinear scatterers, antenna with nonlinear loads, operating at several multiples frequencies simultaneously could communicate over short distances. Application of the effect of nonlinear scattering (ENS) suggests increasing the energy characteristics of the receiver. One of the possible structures that use the ENS is a cylinder with a non-linear loads covered with a layer of the metamaterial. In this article we considering the problem of excitation of a perfectly conducting nonlinear loaded cylinder, coated with a layer of the metamaterial, using external sources. The use of metamaterial coatings could reduce radar cross-section of the nonlinear cylindrical scatterers. The features of nonlinear electrodynamic analysis of a nonlinear loaded cylinder, coated with a layer of the metamaterial were investigated. The problem of cylinder excitation with nonlinear loads, covered with a layer of metamaterial is based on the solution of Maxwell"s equations with nonlinear boundary conditions and the radiation conditions at infinity. The properties of a metamaterial that would ensure an increase in the level of higher frequency harmonics of the scattered field on the cylinder were investigated. As result of simulation, reflection and transmission coefficients in the frequency band from 6 GHz to 12 GHz were obtained. Applying Nicholson – Ross method, the procedure of homogenization was conducted and permittivity and permeability at a frequency of 9.92 GHz of the structure were found. The results suggest the applicability of the structure of the metamaterial in the nonlinear scattering problems to improve field level at multiple harmonics.

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Keywords Metamaterial; homogenization; nonlinear load
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