Authors P.N. Bashly, Yu.A. Kuznetsov, D.A. Bezuglov, А.E Boyarchuk
Month, Year 08, 2016 @en
Index UDC 621.396.67
DOI 10.18522/2311-3103-2016-8-5867
Abstract Search of the optimal solution to problem of the control of a difficult multi-parameter system is very labor-intensive and time-consuming, thus the problem of such systems parameter’s optimum control is very actual. The modern antenna arrays belong to difficult technical systems in which several hundreds or thousands of elements with adjusted control amplitude and phase can be included. In many applications for antenna array’s synthesis with the given energetic parameters it is enough to control the complex amplitudes of currents regarding cells. Such kinds of solutions are quasioptimal. The control of all these elements in real time is often extremely difficult, and sometimes just unclaimed. The purpose of this paper is to carry out the studies which allow justifying a choice of group of nonadjustable elements in antenna arrays (AA) composition when solving the problem of matrix synthesis. This paper presents the synthesis method of quasioptimal AA, which is based on integral parameter’s maximizing of antenna arrays in case of control of complex amplitudes of currents regarding radiators. The solution to the problem of antenna ar-ray’s optimization is based on the coercion of the preset integral of energetic lattice parameter to the relation of Hermitian forms and the subsequent application of the theorem on extremal proper-ties of characteristic numbers of a bundle of Hermitian forms for determination of an optimum vector of currents’ complex amplitudes. Statistic analysis of distribution of antenna array’s elements on the groups with adjustable and invariable complex amplitudes of currents is performed in order to overcome the problem of the known method of synthesis of a quasioptimal antenna array. On the basis of the research findings substantiated is the choice of position of nonadjustable elements as a part of an antenna array, in case of which lowering of energetic indices of a quasioptimal AA is minimized.

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Keywords Antenna array; generalized energy functional; matrix synthesis; quasioptimal synthesis; sta-tistical analysis.
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