Authors Yu. Yu. Lipko
Month, Year 08, 2016 @en
Index UDC 681.518
DOI 10.18522/2311-3103-2016-8-115122
Abstract Carried out is the study of methods for modeling the recommendation web services for se-lection of the educational resources for the purpose of implementing the individual educational trajectories of students basing on the preferences of those who mastered the proposed educational resources. The introduction of new information technologies for educational process realization, such as asynchronous learning methods, is regarded as one of the most promising ways of increas-ing the quality of higher education. The proposed approach will allow students to take into account the recommendations of already mastered the proposed educational resources, and choose the most preferred in view of the selected educational trajectories. In the process of solving this problem a comparative analysis of the methods for support of selection from the alternatives in the web environment has been carried out. The use of the method for collaborative filtering for im-plementation of the web service of educational resource selection for the realization of individual educational trajectories of students has been justified. In the application part of the work the web services modeling based on the selected mathematical software and identified requirements is carried out. The relevance of the study is caused by the necessity to develop information technolo-gies for expertise and content screening, which involve both the experts in the studied field and the users, with the alternative selected with the use of the collective filtering based on common educa-tional goals of students when realizing the individual work. The studied modeling methods are applied to improve the technologies of students’ independent work, realization of students’ personal potential using web portal of educational resources and distance education

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Keywords Information systems; information systems development technology; formal modeling.
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