Authors S.V. Galich, M.S. Deogenov, V.G. Kartashevskii, A.O. Pasiuk, E.S. Semenov
Month, Year 09, 2016 @en
Index UDC 004.724
DOI 10.18522/2311-3103-2016-9-121133
Abstract The software-defined networking (SDN) concept is the most discussed topic in the IT industry of recent years. The key idea of SDN is to segregate control plane from data plane in the network. The control plane is moved to a centralized server called the SDN controller. In this article we present a study of OpenDaylight SDN controller performance scaling on networks of different sizes. The Open Daylight controller is an open-source software based on Java Virtual Machine and it can be run on any OS and Metal as long as it supports Java. Factors influencing to SDN controller performance have been explored by IETF workgroup. Two key metrics of controller performance are latency and throughput. Performance requirements are specified by size of network, namely number of switches and hosts. In this article we discussed in detail the test bed and the methodology of experiments. Latency and throughput of SDN controller are measured by Cbench utility. OpenDaylight performance is studied with particular attention to the impact of Intel Hyper-Threading technology. The correlations between two key metrics of performance and size of network were established from experimental data. We obtained a metric of controller performance as a sum of latency and throughput, which have been normalized to the range [0;1]. Results indicate that Hyper-Threading essentially improves performance of OpenDaylight SDN controller. Network providers can use this method to calculate some performance and quality metrics, that service-level agreement (SLA) may include.

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Keywords Software-defined networks; SDN controller; OpenDaylight; performance; latency; through-put; Cbench; Java Virtual Machine; Hyper-Threading; CPU; Service Level Agreement.
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