Authors I.M. Borodyansky, I.I. Turulin
Month, Year 10, 2016 @en
Index UDC 681.325:621.317.743
DOI 10.18522/2311-3103-2016-10-99110
Abstract The problems of interference suppression at automatic evaluation of on-board power network insulation resistance directly during its operation are considered herein. A research problem is formulated. Possible methods for measuring insulation resistance are considered and the best one, taking into account the specificity of work, is selected. Methods for interference suppression are analyzed. Studies are the digital filtering algorithms, as well as the filter’s automatic adaptation to interferences in order to optimize the signal/interference ratio, variants of realization are proposed. The various filter structures, characterized by low computational complexity, what is important in the implementation of the system on microcontrollers, are analyzed. Considered are the recursive filter structures with finite impulse response in the form of rectangular, triangular and trapezoidal functions. Calculated are the various responses of these filters, including impulse, amplitude and frequency, and the interference suppression coefficients. Given are the block diagrams of the cascade and parallel combinations of these filters with an optimal ratio of lengths of impulse responses in order to suppress the side maximums of the filters amplitude-frequency responses. A block diagram of the device for measuring an onboard power network insulation resistance with an explanation of its operating logic is presented. The device consists of a resistive divider, an input measuring switch, a measuring unit, measurement results processor, digital filters, decimators, a measuring capacitor switch, a memory unit, a memory control unit, an analysis and comparison unit, a correction coefficients unit, a filtering result shaper, a unit of identification of the maximum, keys, discharge resistors, measuring capacitors, a control unit, a unit of forming the computation, a unit of measuring results calculation. The conclusions based on theoretical and experimental results of this study are given.

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Keywords Automatic measurement of insulation resistance; recursive FIR filter; analog filtering; digital filtering; power feeder; measurement; resistance; insulation; filtering; noise.
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