Authors V.Yu. Zanin, I.V. Kozhemyakin, Yu.P. Potekhin, I.A. Putintsev, V.A. Ryzhov, N.N. Semenov, M.N. Chemodanov
Month, Year 01-02, 2017 @en
Index UDC 551.46.077:529.584
Abstract Results of the work carried out by Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University in the framework of initiative topic, connected with complex researches in maintenance of creation of a multi-agent sensory-communication network based on marine robotic platforms (MRP), are presented. To the MRP the following autonomous unmanned transport/measurement/communication/ support platforms are assigned: underwater gliders, buoys and probes of variable buoyancy, wave gliders, bottom and ice communication stations, docking units of autonomous mobile objects, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), unmanned surface vehicles. Altogether the MRP listed above form a complex of technical arsenal – efficient elements of the global marine multi-agent sensory-communication network. In the context of the works mentioned, creation of a micro autonomous underwater vehicle (micro AUV) is considered. High maneuverability, the availability of a modular architecture and functions of the group use are required for the developed micro AUV. The article describes steps of the vehicle creation: concept development, modeling, design and construction. Within the framework of the concept of a “budget”, limited serial product, functional systems/modules of micro AUV are worked out, taking into account the availability of equipment and components (concerning required technical characteristics and their cost). An external appearance of micro AUV has been determined, which allows the assembly of all systems, units and mechanisms of the device in minimum dimensions. For the selected external appearance and design dimensions of the device, the simulation of hydrodynamic and strength characteristics was performed. The flow around the vehicle in a viscous liquid was simulated using the OpenFoam CFD package. To assess the seaworthy and operational qualities, the dynamic properties of the micro AUV research is carried out by simulating the basic operational modes of navigation using the Ship Dynamics package. Simulation of the strength characteristics of the dry modules of the vehicle is performed in the Ansys package. Working design of the vehicle (systems, mechanical componets and mechanisms) is carried out in CAD SolidWorks. Within the framework of the project, a software and hardware architecture of the information system of the vehicle was developed, as well as a model of interaction between the micro AUV, the wave glider and costal control station. The work results in two full-scale experimental sample of micro AUV capable of working in a group together with the wave gliders, performing the functions of a repeater signal through the environmental boundary. Based on the results, ways for further work on the subjects are being determined.

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Keywords Marine multi-agent sensory-communication network; marine robotic platform; micro auton-omous underwater vehicle; wave glider-retranslator; group missions.
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