Authors Yu.V. Vaulin, K.Z. Laptev
Month, Year 01-02, 2017 @en
Index UDC 629.127
Abstract The current stage of development of underwater technologies in the field of creation of un-derwater robotic systems provides the ability of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) to work in remote areas of the Ocean for a long time. In this regard, estimate of the AUV navigation accuracy becomes a factor that needs to be considered when planning a mission and formation of long ocean routes. Taking into account the existing requirements for navigational accuracy, the technology for the solution of a navigation task and composition of navigational equipment for the autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle are defined rather accurately. The AUV coordinates are measured by the dead reckoning method on the basis of the Doppler log and inertial navigation system data. A satellite-based navigational system and hydro-acoustic systems are used for the correction of coordinates. The hydro-acoustic navigation systems include one or more transponders with the known or controlled geographical coordinates. The integrated accuracy of a navigation system will be defined by the accuracy of a coordinate binding of transponders. The report discusses various methods and results of the evaluation of the accuracy characteristics of onboard navigation means of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles performed in the specially equipped ground, allowing to assess the accuracy of dead-reckoning of the AUV path in the specified area of navigation. The polygon of the Institute of Marine Technology Problems is a shallow Bay of the Amur Gulf, near the city of Vladivostok. It is equipped with hydroacoustic navigation system with long base line (LBL). The coordinates of the transponders and base station of LBL installed with a high accuracy by geodetic methods. High-precision measurement of the coordinates of the transponders by LBL provides an opportunity to perform an objective evaluation of the effective speed of sound in the area of work. Based on the LBL data, the accuracy of the AUV integrated navigation system is estimated. The assessment of errors of separate elements of the navigation system of the AUV, including the error of the Doppler log and the compass, is also given. The article discusses a statistical method for estimating the accuracy of the AUV calculation allowing to evaluate the influence of external factors on the accuracy of the AUV coordinate measurement.

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Keywords Аutonomous underwater vehicle; navigation.
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