Authors A.R. Gaiduk, S.G. Kapustyan, A.A. Dyachenko, E.A. Plaksienko
Month, Year 01-02, 2017 @en
Index UDC 681.51:004.7; 623.746.4-519
Abstract In the report the control system for flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), when it car-ries out required mission independently, is considered. This mission can consist in monitoring separate large forests and sea and ocean areas; icing, chemical and radiating conditions; to aerial photograph of the set sites of a terrestrial surface, patrolling of highways and frontiers, delivery of cargoes, etc. As onboard UAV there are no people its movement on the given route for performance of the mission assigned to it should be carried out in an autonomous mode. Thus the trajectory of UAV movement, as a rule, is rather complex curve. There fore the developed control system represents itself a three-channel complex for independent control of the UAV motion speed in longitudinal, cross-section directions and control of a course corner. All systems are created by the method of analytical design of systems with control on output and impacts (АDESYSCOI). They are characterized by the set direct of the quality performances, such as astatic orders, overshot, duration of transients and small oscillation. With the purpose of increase robustness the systems were projected as system with the coordinated poles. Distinctive feature of control systems is the opportunity operative, for example, under the preset program or on commands of the operator, to change of the dynamic properties of the UAV. Settlement ratio for independent realization of some maneuvers and UAV flight on the desired trajectory are received. Research of the properties of the designed control complex is carried out by computer simulation of the UAV flights in various modes. As a result of the computer simulation of the suggested systems complex it is established, that the control system allows the UAV to carry out in an independent mode all the maneuvers necessary for flight of the UAV at the constant height on the desired, enough complex trajectory with required performances. The submitted results can be used at creation of the group onboard control systems of the unmanned aerial vehicles various purpose and basing.

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Keywords Control system, operative, change, dynamic, settlement ratio, UAV, autonomous mission, performances, maneuver and trajectory.
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