Authors I.A. Rybin, V.G. Rubanov
Month, Year 01-02, 2017 @en
Index UDC 681.5.037.2
Abstract Robust modality system for automatic mobile robot control with a fixed control device and object with interval uncertainty parameters, arising due to the change of its total mass, leading to a significant change in dynamics in the operation, is considered. This takes into account such feature as having a time-delay in the control channel associated with time spent on the survey sensors, computational procedures to form the manipulated controller in accordance with a control law, delays in the communication channel by remote control. On the basis of evidence sufficient criterion formulated robust modality as generalized dynamic properties of the system, including its sustainability and also reflects the quality of the transition process defined by the boundary of the dominant position of the roots in the complex plane of the roots. Well-known principle of zero exceptions puts in basis of the proof. The presence of the delay in the system leads to difficulties in determining the number of quadrants Mikhailov hodograph due to an infinite ascending phase introduced by the delay element. This difficulty is overcome by the use of auxiliary locus to determine the quadrant of its final position at the value of frequency equal to infinity. Formulated sufficient criterion for robust modality used to study the dynamics of a particular mobile robot in the management of its lateral movement. Analytical dependences for auxiliary locus Z(δ, ω) with a proportional and PID control laws, which allowed to build appropriate hodographs and illustrate the nature of the dynamics of change depending on the applied control law proposed by a sufficient criterion for robust modality system.

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Keywords Mobile robot; mathematical model; control system; robustness; time-delay; quality control analysis; criterion of modality; Mikhailov hodograph.
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