Authors S.A. Kuzin, P.A. L’vov, A.A. L’vov, M.S. Svetlov
Month, Year 03, 2017 @en
Index UDC 621.315:621.317.7:621.391
Abstract The paper describes new capacitance sensors of absolute and excess pressure used in aero-nautical and space engineering and satisfying the requirements of the import substitution program. The method of measurement accuracy improvement of modern digital smart capacitance pressure sensors based on the use of the new signal conditioner when the measuring transducer and reference capacitance are included in the alternative current loop circuit and digital sampled signal processing by the maximum likelihood approach. Unlike the conventional technique of signal conditioner construction for resistor sensors, which uses the constant current loop circuit, it is proposed to apply the alternative current oscillator as the reference signal source. The mathemat-ical model of the system consisting of sensitive transducer and signal conditioner is considered. It is shown how one can avoid meeting the rigid requirements to the current source as well as used operational amplifiers due to model meshing. The estimation problem of unknown parameters of the mathematical model obtained is reduced by variable substitution to the solution of linear equa-tion set with bilinear contingencies on the new variables. The expressions for sensor mathematical model unknown parameters estimators based on the iteration procedure are given. The obtained estimates have all optimal features of maximum likelihood estimators. The paper discusses the advantages of the proposed method, among which are the high measurement accuracy and sensi-tivity of the sensor, as well as a simpler design of signal conditioner and a relatively low cost of the whole sensor. The comparative analysis of the achievable measuring accuracy of the suggested method and two known classic methods using the computer simulation is presented. It is shown that the accuracy of the new sensor by approximately one order exceeds the accuracy of existing analogues currently produced.

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Keywords Digital smart sensor; capacitance pressure sensor; alternative current loop circuit; signal conditioner; optimal estimation; maximum likelihood method.
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