Authors E.A. Ryndin, A.A. Al-Saman
Month, Year 04, 2017 @en
Index UDC 621.3.049
Abstract The research topic considers the high-speed integrated switch with controlled re-dislocation of a maximum of the electrons density in tunnel-coupled quantum wells (QW) of the A3B5 nano-heterostructure. The active region of the switch consists of two QW separated by a tunnel heterobarrier and two control junction: Schottky junction over the upper QW as well as p-n junction under the lower QW. Each of the tunnel-coupled QW of the switch has separated ohmic contact, which allows executing signal switching with a single functionally integrated device, excluding intraelement metal connections and reducing of switching time. The same way occupied area by the switch was reduced. Small-signal model of integrated switch based on tunnel-coupled QW as well as a compact charge-conservative equivalent circuit are proposed. This equivalent circuit takes into account the possibility of changing the electrophysical and geometric parameters of the element and indicates it’s capability in term of adaptation for nonlinear circuit analysis. A detailed mathematical description of nonlinear current sources contained in equivalent circuit is presented. In the same way, an analytical model describing the average time of inter-channel transport time is obtained. The obtained model can be easily integrated into modern simulation system. The accuracy of the electrical model was examined in MATLAB and AWR (Microwave Office Environment). The obtained results show that the switch has small switching time less than 1 ps, which is determined by sluggishness of process re-dislocation between QW and that shows its advantages compared to analogs based on HEMT ((High Electron Mobility Transistors)

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Keywords Integrated switch; nano-heterostructureж circuit modelж equivalent circuit.
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