Authors D.A. Kravchuk, D.V. Orda-Zhigulina, G.Yu. Sliva
Month, Year 04, 2017 @en
Index UDC 534:535
Abstract In case of interaction of the powerful optical radiation generated by modern lasers with the environment, sound waves can be initiated in the last. Parameters of an acoustic signal, which ther-mal origins are connected with heterogeneous local heating and expansion of the environment in case of absorption of laser radiation in it, depend on optical, heatphysical and acoustic parameters of the absorbing environment. Therefore thermooptical excitement of sound is widely applied in diagnostics of liquids. Laboratory facility is developed for conducting pilot studies of optoacoustic effect in motionless and moving liquid environments on the basis of the laser LIMO 100-532/1064-4 complex (the red line). For registration and handling of the acoustic signal created as a result of generation of sound by means of optoacoustic effect in liquid the virtual device in the environment of LabVIEW is synthesized. Movement of liquid in a ditch is controled by the pump which creates a laminar flow in the volume. Results of the experiment on excitement of the optoacoustic signal are given in liquid by means of the laser, for the laser diagnostics of a flow. The principle of diagnostics consists that the researched flow is probed by a laser bunch in which parameters of the radiation which passed through the environment are measured. As the laser bunch is characterized by set of parameters: capacity, polarization, wavelength, frequency, phase and direction of distribution, by change of these parameters it is possible to judge the processes occuring in the researched flow. The research is urgent as now the methods of optoacoustic diagnostics using an ultrasonic response of the researched sample as information parametkr quickly develop. At the same time appears the necessity to study the pulse sound response properties in the real liquid environments subjected to laser radiation: suspensions, mixtures, biological tests. We established that the optoacoustic effects observed in these environments are beyond the basic developed models for ideal environments.

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Keywords Optoacoustic waves; carbon nanoparticles; piezoelectric converters; signal harmonicas.
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