Authors K.E. Rumyantsev, E.A. Rudinsky
Month, Year 05, 2017 @en
Index UDC
Abstract Solving the problem of secrecy in the process of key distribution is based on the principles of the encoding of the photon quantum state. Analysis of information strategies in quantum systems shows that the implementation of the multiphoton mode in the synchronization process potentially makes it easier unauthorized access to information. This determines the researching of methods and algorithms for synchronization of quantum key distribution (QKD) systems with automatic compensation of polarization distortions that provide increased protection from unauthorized access. The synchronization process protecting of auto-compensation QKD systems from unau-thorized access is investigated. During the synchronization process we do not share the period of optical pulses on time windows. The equipment originally works in a search regimen. After photon reception a registration is possible during an action of gating pulse. In other time the photon reg-istration (or a dark current pulse) is not possible. The synchronization algorithm allows the use of single-photon avalanche photodiodes (SPAD) with a significant time delay between the moment of photon reception, avalanche formation, its quenching and subsequent recovery. Formulas are proposed for calculating the probability characteristics of the synchronization algorithm. Re-quirements are formulated to a choice of admissible test number and frequencies of optical pulses to provide the predetermined probability error at detection of optical synchronization pulses. The length influence of the fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) on the probabilistic characteristics of the synchronization process is estimated. A technique for designing the pre-synchronization in the QKD system is described according to the proposed two-stage time synchronization algorithm. The analysis of the application of various optical modules based on an SPAD with a large dead time value is carried out.

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Keywords Quantum key distribution; synchronization; security; fiber-optic line; polarization distortion; photon pulse.
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