Authors A.P. Pljonkin, B.B. Gupta
Month, Year 05, 2017 @en
Index UDC 621.396.624
Abstract Among the successfully implemented commercial samples of quantum key distribution sys-tems (QKD), fiber-optic systems with phase coding of photon states are advantageously allocated, which are constructed according to a scheme with automatic compensation of polarization distor-tions. Such systems of quantum key distribution have proven themselves as complexes with stable operation in the mode of generating key material. The structure of the auto-compensation system of the QKD includes two stations connected by a fiber-optic communication line (a quantum channel). The two-pass fiber-optic quantum key distribution system (QKDS) with phase coding states of photons in synchronization mode has been studied. Quantum key distribution system is based on scheme with automatic compensation of polarization distortions. As the optical radiation detection device used a single-photon avalanche photodiodes (SPAD). Evaluated is the effect of parameters used in QKDS optical radiation detectors on probabilistic and time characteristics of the detected time interval with weak optical pulse at sync. The methodology of the process of time interval de-tection with optical pulse at synchronization, taking into account the features used in QKDS SPAD has been described. The purpose of research is to evaluate the impact of changing hardware set-tings synchronization of QKDS on probabilistic and time characteristics of the time interval detec-tion. The developed QKDS synchronization algorithm, taking into account the time to restore the operating state of a photon after registration in the synchronization process is described. The re-sults of computer modeling of the detection process has been analysed.

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Keywords Quantum key distribution; single-photon avalanche photodiode; the synchronization algo-rithm; the probability of detection; the signal time interval.
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