Authors O.Yu. Voronkov, S.A. Sinyutin
Month, Year 06, 2017 @en
Index UDC 004.421
Abstract The work is devoted to description of the computer simulation procedure & the algorithm for obtaining three-dimensional ray sums basing on the Bresenham’s line algorithm in the devices for tomosynthesis, assuming limited scan angles of the object projected. The paper contains a brief historical survey on tomographic systems, an explanation of the advantage of the fan-beam scheme of data extraction over parallel scheme, and purposes of tomosynthesis development alongside with the tomography. The proposed device design is summarized, its technical characteristics are specified, and the data extraction process is described. Features of the built-in Radon transformation & fan-beam transformation functions of the MatLab software package which prevent them from being used for solving the task are revealed. A general description of the Bresenham’s line algorithm for vector lines rasterization is provided, and so is a complete block diagram of the proposed algorithm for obtaining beam sums based on it. The results of computational experiment for obtaining a set of virtual mathematical phantom projections in a MatLab environment are demonstrated. The relevance of the research lies in the development of tomosynthesis as a cheaper, faster & safer alternative to tomography in situation when the modeling of its inherent processes is difficult due to the lack of suitable ready-made software solu-tions, therefore arises the need to develop the algorithms and software for computer-aided modeling, adapted for the tasks set. The scientific novelty consists in the two-dimensional Bresenham’s line algorithm adaptation for solving tomosynthesis problems & the creation of the three-dimensional algorithm, carrying out the complete cycle of obtaining the scanning object projections in a tomosynthesis device, taking into account all the geometric features of the latter.

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Keywords Fomography; tomosynthesis; ray sums; computer modeling; limited angles of removal; Bresenham’s line algorithm
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