Authors М.А. Marakhovskiy, А.А. Panich
Month, Year 06, 2017 @en
Index UDC 666.655
Abstract The work is devoted to the study of various methods of sintering ceramics from a multicomponent system (1–х)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–хPbTiO3 (PMN-PT), which has a high applied potential. Besides the advantages, the noted system materials have some disadvantages arising during manufacturing process. In order to eliminate the drawbacks in the manufacture, in addition to special types of sintering in vacuum furnaces in atmospheric and hot pressing, ceramic samples were manufactured by a new promising method of spark plasma sintering (SPS). The SPS method, in comparison with conventional sintering at atmospheric pressure, makes it possible to carry out the sintering process in tens of minutes, with reduced by 100–300 °C sintering temperatures, providing the fine-grained monophase structure of the ceramic. Such a microstructure helps to increase the mechanical and electrophysical parameters of the resulting ceramics. Using the methods of X-ray phase analysis and scanning electron microscopy established are the dependencies of formed ceramic structure on uniaxial mechanic pressure when sintering and temperature process. The urgency of the work is to improve the technological process of making ceramics by reducing the sintering temperature, shortening the duration of the process and, accordingly, reducing energy costs for heating. The novelty of the work is to compare the results of the sintering of PMN-PT ceramics by the method of spark plasma sintering with the calculation of sintering of other methods, by comparing the parameters, indicating the advantages and disadvantages. The principal possibility of obtaining spark plasma sintering with high electrophysical parameters has been confirmed. As a conclusion, the prospects of using the spark plasma sintering method for obtaining functional ceramics of other systems are formulated.

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Keywords Piezoceramics; spark plasma sintering (SPS); hot pressing; microstructure; electrophysical parameters.
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