Authors U.A. Marʼina, V.A. Vorobʼev, A.P. Marʼin
Month, Year 06, 2017 @en
Index UDC 535.37:546.65
Abstract Series of prototypes of a phosphor on the basis of a stannat of the calcium activated by three ions of the rare-earth elements Yb3+, Er3+, Tm3+ are synthesized. The main methods of a research of the experimental samples are described. The received connections have an orthorhombic crystalline grid, related to perovskite mineral. The average size of crystallites has been 32,9 microns. In case of excitation of powders the laser diode with wavelength of 960 nm found a luminescence in visible and IR-areas of a range. Concentration dependence of intensity of a luminescence of the researched system in the area 994, 1550, 1780 of nm from concentration of ions of thulium is probed. It is set that with growth of concentration of ions of thulium as a part of a phosphor intensity of a luminescence in the bands corresponding to ytterbium ions (996 nm) and erbium (1550 nm) decreases, and intensity of a luminescence in the band corresponding to radiant transi-tions in thulium ions (1780 nm), on the contrary, increases up to some value. The maximum inten-sity of a luminescence in a band of 1780 nm is watched in case of concentration of ions of Tm3+ 0,003 atomic shares. The diagram of energetic transitions in the CaSnO3:Yb3+,Er3+,Tm3+ system is provided in case of excitation by the laser with wavelength of 960 nm, the mechanism of transmis-sion of energy between ions of Yb3+, Er3+, Tm3+ explicitly is described. It is set that Yb3+ ions in the system CaSnO3:Yb3+,Er3+,Tm3+ behave as sensitizers, they give a part of the absorbed energy to Er3+ ions and Tm3+, causing gain of a luminescence in the bands corresponding to them. Ions Er3+ also transfer by a part of the absorbed energy to Tm3+ ions, therefore an increase in intensity of an IR-luminescence in a band of 1780 nm is watched. It is offered to use luminescent structure of CaSnO3:Yb3+,Er3+,Tm3+ as the source of radiation capable to transform IR-radiation from area of 960 nanometers to IR-radiation with wavelength of 1780 nanometers.

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Keywords Luminescence; infrared (IR) phosphors; CaSnO3; solid-phase synthesis; rare-earth ele-ments; stannates of alkaline earth metals.
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