Authors S. P. Tarasov
Month, Year 08, 2017 @en
Index UDC 534.222.2
DOI 10.23683/2311-3103-2017-8-38-50
Abstract Discussed are the issues of studying the characteristics of the marine environment for as-sessing the ecological state of the ocean. The focus is on using the methods of nonlinear acoustics and the use of parametric antennas. Discussed are the results of a study of the seabed and sedi-ments with the help of parametric profilograph. The use of a nonlinear hydroacoustics technology allows you to obtain information about the ecological state of environment on quite large areas and significantly reduce the time of carrying out environmental monitoring. Discussed are the results of a study of volume backscattering parametric signals. Parametric antenna due to a high radiation direction, in the same wide frequency band, creates the conditions for the implementation of approaches increasing the efficiency of acoustic sensing in the ocean. The new possibilities for ocean monitoring on long lines, appearing when using the parametric hydroacoustic arrays, are discussed. Represented are the results of the studies, which demonstrate the one-mode excitation of waveguide in the broadband of the parametric arrays. Shown is the possibility of compressing the wide-band signal with its propagation as a result of waveguide dispersion, that leads to intensity growth. The results of the studies showing one-mode excitation of a waveguide by the parametric array in a wide frequency band are presented. The results of experimental researches of features of propagation of a parametrical broadband signal in shallow water are presented. The prospects of application of a parametrical narrowly directed radiator for research of characteristics of the sea environment are considered.

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Keywords Parametric hydroacoustic array; broadband signal; waveguide dispersion; compressing of the wide-band signal.
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