Authors A. A. Kuleshova, E. A. Shchelokov
Month, Year 09, 2017 @en
Index UDC 517.988
Abstract The problem of transmitting information via the wireless interface in the products of rocket and space technology is considered. The aim of the work is to study the main characteristics of receiving and transmitting devices in the products of rocket and space technology (namely, in the conditions of tight arrangement of equipment and metal structures). As a basis for determining the availability of receiving and transmitting devices in the dense configuration of selected devices such as Wi-fi with OFDM modulation, and modeling in 2D mode in metal structures using a CAD-based tamograph, as a result, it was proved that data can be transferred in dense configuration devices, as well as a complex electromagnetic environment, caused by metal crooks. The search for fast algorithms for signal reconstruction without phases is relevant at the present time. The main property of frames that makes them so useful in applied tasks is their redundancy. A well-chosen frame can provide numerical stability for signal recovery and important signal characteristics. The frame family restores the signal by the absolute value of the frame coefficients in polynomial time. It is shown that, in the actual case, a frame position consisting of (2m-1) -vectors can, under certain conditions, reconstruct a signal without phases. A similar result in complex space was obtained for (4m-2) vectors. With the change "reconstruction without phases," consideration of another version of the statement of the discrete phase problem is "phase reconstruction". The question of the equivalence of these variants has been put and partially solved. The restoration of information hidden in the phases of the vector-signal, does not lose relevance. A set of vectors , called frames, in space can be used to theoretically study the recovery of phases. Examples are considered for which sets of vectors are constructed that simultaneously perform phase restoration and recovery without phases. Examples of a signal in spaces of small dimension.

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Keywords Frame; recovery without phases; restoration of phases, alternative completeness; frames of general position.
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