Authors D.G. Mitrofanov, S.V. Shishkov
Month, Year 01, 2018 @en
Index UDC 623.418
Abstract The problem of small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) detection is considered. The complexity of modern UAV detection using radar station (RS) is that their launch is performed in the close vicinity of the front edge, and flight passes at low altitude. In addition, they have a low reflectivity in view of their small size. In this case, the traditional use of optical and opto-electronic devices provided today in the narrow angular sectors (with a narrow field of view) only, that even when complexation with the information of air defense RS does not provide efficiency in conditions of enemy use of electronic warfare and unpredictable changes in tactics of using UAV. The study is devoted to the development of a new multi-channel method of detecting UAV in the passive and active modes of detectors’ operation. Particular tasks: to study the characteristics of UAV, the order of their application, the possibility of detecting them in a circular view by meters operating in different wave ranges; to offer algorithms of multi-channel detection of UAV; determine the procedure for processing the received radio and video information. On the basis of the conducted research: the UAV classification was carried out, the order of their application, the possibility of their detection in different wave ranges was studied; a new approach to creating a multichannel method of detecting UAV and a corresponding device combining information of the optical, sound and radar wave ranges is proposed; UAV identification algorithm of the optical wavelength range, based on proximity measures establishing UAV binary image with the reference images obtained in the 3-D modeling environment is developed. The use of the proposed innovative approach to the detection and identification of UAV helps choosing the most effective means of dealing with them, which can reduce the threat of unauthorized terrorist UAV application.

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Keywords Method; device; detection; small unmanned aerial vehicles; circular survey.
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