Authors O. V. Karsaev
Month, Year 01, 2018 @en
Index UDC 004.003, 004.896:62-5: 007.52
Abstract The subject of research in the paper is autonomous control of small satellites group. Information interaction between satellites of the group and between satellites and ground stations is an essential element of autonomous planning and control. The satellites group and ground stations as a whole form Delay-and-Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN). The message transfer to the final recipient in such a network generally occurs through a chain of nodes in the "store – send" mode. As a result, the transfer of messages and information interaction in general occurs with certain time delays. These time delays can be significant factor that have a negative impact on the efficiency of the autonomous control of satellite group. The paper describes the developed agent-oriented model of satellite group that at the initial stage of the study is mainly intended to investigate this factor and obtain quantitative estimates of such time delays on various other factors. This model includes software components of two levels. The lower-level components describe the subsystem for simulating the behavior of satellites and ground stations as DTN network nodes. Accordingly, this subsystem is used to model the state of the network in time, and in particular, to simulate the establishment of communication channels and the transfer of messages and data between nodes. Components of the second level are software modules in the network nodes, which together form a subsystem of autonomous planning and information exchange. The components of the two levels are loosely coupled elements of the model. This approach provides an opportunity to develop and study different computing modules that implement appropriate methods and scenarios of autonomous planning and information exchange based on a common simulation model. The current version of the model considers two interrelated tasks of planning: planning of observation tasks and planning of delivery of collected data to the Earth, and possible approaches to their solution on the basis of appropriate schemes of information exchange. These approaches are also objects of research from the point of view of information exchange time delays in DTN of a network.

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Keywords Small satellites; team behavior; autonomous planning; Simulation; multi-agent systems.
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